FoneTones Ringtone Maker 1.2

Category: Music
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2 (iTunes)


Marimba ringtone not cutting it for you anymore? Want your favorite songs turned into custom ringtones? You’ve got two options: Pay $0.99 a pop for each ringtone or download FoneTones and create as many custom ringtones as you'd like right on your iPhone using the music you already have in your iPod library.

* Access to your iPod's entire music library. Pick your favorite song to make into a ringtone
* Play the track within the app to help set sample start and stop times
* Keeps a history of all the ringtones you've created
* Tapping a ringtone in the ringtones list plays it
* See album artwork when creating ringtones
* Includes step by step instructions on how to sync your ringtones
* Keep track of your ringtones. Album artwork, artist, track, and album info stays with your ringtone file.

Creating a ringtone couldn’t be easier
* Tap the “+” sign button to pick your favorite song from your iPod library
* Push play to start the track then push the “Start” button to tag where you want your ringtone to begin
* Push the “Stop” button to tag where you want the ringtone to end. If your ringtone is less than 40 seconds long it will repeat itself from the when you receive a call)
* If you're not sure of the start and stop time, use the playback controls/scrubber to play the song within the app and fine tune the start and stop times
* Press the Create Ringtone button
* That’s it! Super Easy!

Importing Ringtones onto your phone
* Connect your iPhone to iTunes
* Go to the Apps tab
* In the File Sharing section, choose FoneTones
* Choose the ringtones you want to sync and Save to disk
* From the File menu, Add to Library or just drag the file(s) to the Library section on the upper left hand side of iTunes
* Sync
* Go into “Settings” then into “Sounds” and select the ringtone you want
* Enjoy your new custom ringtones!

* Requires iPhone 3GS or later and iOS4
* Files in the old .m4p format from when the iTunes Store put DRM on all songs contain copyright protection and cannot be used as input to create ringtones.

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What's New

- You now have the ability to email yourself your ringtones in addition to using File Sharing!

FoneTones Ringtone Maker