SoundPrism 1.1

Category: Music
Price: $4.99 -> $.99, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


Special Sale until Nov. 15th!
"This is very VERY cool! Beautifully done." - Jordan Rudess
"SoundPrism is a glimpse of a more graphical future for music software design." -
"SoundPrism for iPad looks incredible" - Jason Fried, founder 37signals
"SoundPrism for iPad Will Blow Your Mind" - Federico Viticci
Nominated for the Visual Music Award 2010 -

Music like you've never seen before!
Now for your iPod and iPhone as well at an introductory price.

SoundPrism enables you to create beautiful music immediately without any previous knowledge. With its unique visualization of pitches and intuitive controls composing sophisticated melodies, tone and chord patterns becomes child's play.

What's New

New Features:

* Record and email your compositions right from your iPhone, iPod or iPad

* Easy made ringtones for your iPhone

* Note names can now be made visible

* Improved bass

* Fuller sound

* SoundPrism is now less then 20MB to download

* Pitch Space System has been improved: The circularity of the diatonic subspace is now fully implemented