Take Me, Phone for iOS4 2.1

Category: Utilities
Price: $5.99 -> Free, Version: 2.1 (iTunes)


Combination with more than 40% that most commonly used these functions of iPhone to the APP. ➲ Over 100 countries of people to download after release from Nov. 11, Over 50% user in 63 countries run it by everyday.Remind and protect, trace your device at any time & anywhere.Don't test your luckiness with those pickpockets.Trace your device with the Gmail Buzz from anywhere.Find My iPhone + Take Me, Phone for iOS4 = Multi-Guards for your device.✪ Had lost your phone? It is always to break you and your friend's heart, your money.☕ Vous avez perdu votre téléphone ? toujours à vous briser le cœur et votre ami.☏ Lost Haben Sie Ihr Telefon? es war immer für Sie zu brechen und dein Freund das Herz.☢ Hai perso tuo cellulare ? E 'stato sempre di farti del male e la mente del tuo amico.❄ Perdido o seu telefone? É sempre a feri-lo ea mente do seu amigo.☼ бы потерял вам телефон ? Это всегда разобьет тебе сердце и вашего друга.♔ Ha perdido su teléfono ? Siempre fue a hacerle daño a usted y la mente de su amigo.OS & Device requests:Device supports: iPhone (3G) 3GS / 4 and later.OS supports: iOS 4.x and later.Language:- English- Traditional Chinese (TW)- Simplified Chinese (CN)- JapaneseFeatures:- Trace your device with the page of Google Buzz from any one of browser.- Burglarproof Alert time range from 1 to 240 minutes.- Guard Alert types had 3 level. ( laugh angry cry )- Proximity & motion. - Voice detection.- Free fall alert.- Appeasement mode.- Customize your pass code to stop the alert action.- Cry alert can try to avoid those pickpockets to take away your iPhone and remind you. ( Must be running this function of guard alert timer then you put your device on table. ) - Yahoo Weather (Nonsupport iPhone 3G, when there was memory issues.)- Multi-country format calendar.- Time report ( 15 mm / 30 mm / 45 mm / 1 hour ) - Shake your device to open or close it. - Connect with your friends via Google Buzz.- Battery State alert by auto. ( 25% recharge alert / Full Charge alert ) - The owl’s calendar clock.Explain:- Free fall alert action: Your device was slid down over 50 cm from the desktop.- Remind Alert: When you were pressed [Start] button, you had 15 seconds to put down your device for running the guard task. Baby sound, run cycle by the appeasement function. > Level 1: laugh ( 5 s / cycle ) > Level 2: angry ( 10 s / cycle ) > Level 3: cry ( 25 s / cycle ) - Avoid Loss Alert: ( Alert type: Level 3 ) A loud baby cry to avoid a thief steal your device from your table since he had moved your device over 7 steps. > Press [Start] button and wait for 15 seconds to begin the guard task until when you were unlock or quit this App.- Appeasement action: You maybe extend your tea time with friends, you can use the function to change these alert cycles and levels then alert action was working. > Talk or sway your iPhone to reduce the level. > You can keep at these actions to extend your tea time and don't need to unlock this app.- Input pass code to unlock: Pass code was design to protect your setting value and keep these alert action cycle. If you forgot your pass code, please input the full pass number to unlock it. -->>> IMPORTANT NOTICE IMPORTANT NOTICE TW TW