Crypto Cards 1.0

Device: iPhone
Category: Business
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


Crypto Cards! ✓ All the ID cards are in IPhone! Simple, Easy and full security! Touch! Shoot! Carry! And View! Good bye! Fat wallet!! Do not fill in! Just shoot them!✓ There are so many ID Cards you need to carry such as Driving License, Social Security Cards, Students Cards, Member ship Cards, Passport, Bank Account Cards, library Cards, Security Cards…etc. you don’t carry cards some of them because your wallet becomes too fat. You can carry all these as the encrypted photographs in your phone. Q. Are there any risks of the exposure of Cards?A. Crypto Cards, awesome protection, are not saved at photo album. They are kept in secure area of app inside with double layers security. (1st Layer: PIN 2nd Layer: Cryptography) Q. If others take out these files, can others sneak peek my private cards?A. Image files are encrypted by the safest cryptographic algorithm "SEED". Nobody can see it.Q. What are the good things about Crypto Cards?A. Gorgeous “cover-flow” view of entire cards with flip action animation Touch! Touch! Multi tasking! One last thing!! Your ex-girlfriend photos can do too, if her face is square. Try it!✸ Inquiry: smart* ✸

Crypto Cards