Morse Code Generator - Morse Code Generator for iPhone 4! 2.1

Device: iPhone
Category: Education
Price: $9.99 -> Free, Version: 2.1 (iTunes)


************PROMOTIONAL SALE 100% OFF - THIS APP IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME************Morse Code Generator let you generate Morse Code right from your iPhone! It has a simple user interface and is intuitive to learn.- Uses the iPhone 4 flash to display Morse Code by turning it on and off at the appropriate intervals.- Uses Click Sounds to generate Morse Code- Creates Morse Code sequences based on the words, phrases or paragraphs that you type or paste in.- TTM (Text-To-Morse) Button- Anything from a single letter to as many paragraphs as you want can be converted and displayed!- Quick S.O.S button in case you ever find yourself needing it!- Mini-Display shows the current character being generated- SHAKE to clear the text field- You can change the speed of the Morse Code generation by using the Words-Per-Minute slider- Features iPhone 4 Retina Display Graphics- In App Settings allow you to select different output methodsIf you like this app please leave me a review or feedback so that I can improve it.I am dedicated to delivering quality software so if you have any feedback, ideas or if you would like me to implement a specific feature please feel free to contact me at cgossain.apps*gmail.comPLEASE NOTE: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

Morse Code Generator - Morse Code Generator for iPhone 4!