Today American Tech News 1.0.1

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: News
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes)


Created by a guy who reads tech news all the time and did not find any application which met the below needs. Hence I felt that let me build the ideal tech news application which no-one else has brought to any platform before:The number 1 feature which makes this app stand out from every other application is that once you register and login, you never see articles which you read before. Many of the blogs have duplicate articles between them, and to a large extent, you don't see articles you have read again once more.The above makes a big difference because you always have new items to read, and never have to be frustrated by seeing the same articles on the top all the time.In addition there are several other features:1. Complete full screen reading without any menus.2. You can go between pages by using the menu at the bottom of the page.3. The server is used to the max, so you can continue reading on your desktop, what you finished reading on the iphone. 4. No Ads!I continuously update the service all the time, so as long as there are people who buy the app, there will always be service. I have built this app and hosted it for over a year now. I have been able to continuously update the application over this period of time.

Today American Tech News