Editing "The Social Network" in Final Cut Pro with Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter

Wall and Baxter used Final Cut Pro to edit “The Social Network,” and one of the things they really like about the software is the ability to do multiple timelines.

“One of the best features of Final Cut Pro is the ability to tear off timelines,” Wall explains. “It’s very easy to customize your workflow and do multiple timelines of edited pieces.

For example the opening scene of ‘The Social Network’ is an eight-page scene, and David shot about 60 takes of the six-minute scene.

We ended up breaking the takes into smaller pieces of five or six sections, and once we are at that level, we start to work through and decide what sections from the multiple master takes work the best.

Final Cut Pro allows us to track all that quite efficiently. David Fincher does tend to do more takes than other directors, so it helps to have a method to break it down.”



At the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter received the Oscar for film editing for their work on “The Social Network.”
Wall and Baxter recently spoke to Vanity Fair’s John Lopez about the digital revolution in filmmaking and how they use Final Cut Pro to craft a perfect scene from dozens of takes.
Says Wall: “When I switched to Final Cut, it made me rethink how I work….I love it because it’s so flexible. It doesn’t force you into a way of thinking about editing.”



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