Congo Republic of North Kivu Province, a village here almost every month will be dominated by the armed forces . Rich in mineral resources , increased demand of modern technology on coal resources , leading to the resources of this region snatch war increasing ,Baked broccoli. In this war , every minute a woman being raped , and these acts of violence is organized ,Asics Gel Virage 4 Running Shoes. It is understood that rape rebel groups and armed forces as a threat to control the means of the local community , and increasingly common open . A permanent Democratic Republic of the Congo photographer Sarah Fretwell own website published a group of works " Truth told ( truth ) , hoping to let everyone know and help put a stop to such atrocities . Her photographic works behind the exposed thought-provoking social reality . In next of only Kikongo NGO called COPERMA , isolated communities . Exactly 50 days ,Asics Gel Stratus 2.1 Shoes, Sarah worked there every day may attack . Her co- writer with a humanitarian and human rights organizations to go to North Kivu villages or small woods , looking for survivors from the Talon them these interviews and gathering evidence. The vast majority of them are isolated , and has not been effectively protected . Sarah hope that the group called " Truth told ( truth ) " photography project can also Congo female victims that justice is done , let the whole world know their stories , as they won the support of the international community , and give their lives bring change. She said, in the absence of an effective judicial system , the survivors can only live in loneliness and fear .