Perhaps your iPhone is behaving in an odd manner and you want to capture the strange behaviour to share with someone who might know what is going on?
Maybe you are playing an iOS game and want to record your achievements to share with friends or YouTube followers?
Or you might just be wondering whether you can surreptitiously capture some video that's playing on your iPhone and save it.
If that sounds like you then we have a tutorial here that will explain how to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad so you can share it. To record iPhone screen, need a third party tool, Dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder, it provide the way to one click to do an iPhone video capture. The features as below:
- Mirror your device to your computer or projector wirelessly.
- Record mobile games, videos and more on the computer.
- Support iPhone,iPad and iPod touch that runs iOS 7.1 to iOS 11.
Steps to record iPhone screen
When you install the app on your computer, there are only three steps to record screen.
Step 1: Connect to the Wifi
The very first step is to connect to the Wifi. You have to see to it that both your iphone device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, or computer) as well as the Dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder are linked to the same network. Then, there will be an "iOS Screen Recorder" option that will turn up. Click on this alternative and you'll be able to begin to tape-record iPhone screen video.

Step 2: Enable Mirroring
The next step would certainly be to enable mirroring to make sure that your two devices will be connected (let's say you're utilizing an iphone). Upon connecting your device to the web, swipe upward to make sure that you can see the connection settings. At the lower right, you will certainly find an Airplay tab. Click the Airplay tab and you will see an iPhone tab as well as a dr.fone tab. Hover around the dr.fone tab and allow the Mirroring option. You can see the steps by taking a look at the screenshots below.
The same process opts for the other iOS devices also like the iPad or the iPod. By following these actions, you have actually now mirrored your iOS device to the dr.fone as well as could now capture iPhone screen video.
Step 3: Record iPhone Screen
The last step gets on doing an iPhone video recorder is the most convenient and also the most enjoyable step-- recording the content of your phone. To obtain a more clear photo of just how it's done, allow me show you a screenshot below of an individual playing Pokemon Go as well as tape-recording his gameplay.
After connecting to dr.fone, the device will certainly permit you to begin video recording. To start with, a record bar will certainly show up in the bottom part of the screen. There is a red round button which is the record button. You will click on this button when you wish to start the recording.
The numbers in the middle stand for the recording time. This will reveal you for how long you've already been recording your video to ensure that you'll understand when to stop. In order to stop recording, all you have to do is click the record button again and your video clip will be conserved.
Finally, the best side has the little box. This is the button to earn your screen full display simply in instance you desire your entire game to use up the entire display.
After you have actually done those steps, after that all you have to do is save your video in your phone and also there you have it! You could enjoy your video anytime you desire and to share with your friends or share them on Youtube/Facebook or other social websites for your fans.
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