Munich Travel Guide 1.0

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The Munich Travel Guide is the perfect companion during your trip to the Bavarian capital.

It is designed to be used offline, so that you are not charged any expensive roaming fees, and can be used anywhere, even on the plane on your way to Munich.

The main features are as follows:

* Tourist guides and information such as price, opening hours, reviews and tips as well as photos for over 60 different Munich attractions

* Information and photos of over 200 hotels in the Munich area, including live price checking and booking (internet required for price check and booking).

* The location of over 700 Train, Subway, Tram and Bus stations and information about public transport lines and connections as well as the official maps to Munich's public transport network.

* Information on over 2000 restaurants in Munich, as well as Nightlife and Shopping possibilities.

* Point of Interest search allows you to find nearby public transport, attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping and nightclubs nearest to your current location.

* Top 10 lists for hotels, attractions, shopping, nightlife and restaurants included so that you don't have to search through long lists to find the best the city has to offer.

* You are able to mark interesting attractions, restaurants and hotels during or before your trip as "Want to Visit" or "Have Visited". This allows you to view only the points that are of interest to you and ensures that you don't miss anything you wanted to see on your trip to Munich.

* All information in both English and German
Munich Travel Guide