iNetFactory network server monitoring tools 1.0

Category: Utilities
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iNetFactory is a collection of tools for monitoring network services. You can use a simple ping to test the availability of an host or the more effective URL scan. At last kind the request of a service must contain such keywords you entered.

A sample: We have the Message "Willkommen" at our site. Just add an entry to the server list. Enter a usefull name... "etebia website" for us. Insert the URL "" in the address field, select "scan URL" and enter the Keyword (not case sensitive) "Willkommen". Now press save. The list now has an entry for "etebia website" which should checked green :-)

You also can use a simple ping. Then, in the address field enter a hostname not a URL. Now three pings are send to the host every time you want. The Application has an automatic refresh. You can change the time interval in properties.

At this time there are also an log-view and a seperate ping tool. Some other features coming soon.
iNetFactory network server monitoring tools