DialTextEmail (Assistant) 1.0

Category: Utilities
Price: $0.99 (iTunes)


DialTextEmail is the quickest way to contact the VIPs in your life.

Tap once to call.
Tap twice to text.
Tap twice to email.

1. One touch to speed dial.
2. Touchable launch page to text or email instead of phone call.
3. Settings page to change contact information.

Known issue: If you exit your phone call before it is over to another app or to your homescreen, the next time you open DialTextEmail, it will exit immediately. Simply press DialTextEmail again to relaunch.

* If the phone number of your choice is not working, then try making a new contact entry in your address book with the phone number (with no extra spaces or symbols) and trying again.

DialTextEmail (Assistant)