Bounce Pop Lite 1.0

Category: Games
Price: Free (iTunes)


How fast can you pop the Bouncies? Each stage as a certain number of colored Bouncies that have to be popped. Pop them and proceed to the next stage! But watch out for the timer! If it counts down to zero, its game over!

*Includes 3 stages from the paid version of Bounce Pop.

How to Play:

*Simply tap on the Bouncie to pop it! After all the required Bouncies are popped, simply tap anywhere on the screen to advance to the next stage!


*Bounce Pop is an advanced game that features high quality music and sound effects, and high resolution graphics. Because of this, it requires quite a bit of memory. In the event of a crash or long load times, simply restart your device and everything will be back to normal! Also be sure to restart after installing!

Bounce Pop Lite