Stop the thief 1.0

Category: Games
Price: $1.99 (iTunes)


The funniest touch game to improve your finger reflexes. Stimulate your brain by moving fingers. No worry of Alzheimer's disease any more with this training gadget in pocket.

Download and show people around the world how fast and precisely you could move your fingers.

You'll see a surprising hidden stage if you score more than 20 thousand points. Please enjoy.

[Game story]
The world economy has become worse than ever after the subprime mortgage crisis. Many people start stealing things to make a living. Your mission is to stop them and save the world from depression.

[Scoring rule]
Initially you earn 10 points for each hit. This is increased to 20, 30, .... every time the combo number (number of consecutive hits) becomes great than 10, 20, ... The combo number is reset if you miss a thief. Be conservative to get high scores!

Stop the thief