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Self Help Classics

The Self Help Classics is a TouchBooksReader Collection wanting to provide the best guidance towards success. The collection assembles motivational speeches and self improvement books by some of world's most renowned thinkers.

In one place, always at hand, using the innovative TouchBooksReader interface, you'll be able to read the most famous motivational best sellers, the kind of books that will change one's life forever and turn the ordinary dreamer into a self-made millionaire.

The books included in this first edition of our collection are well known to the connaisseur: the most successful and renowned best-sellers in the world of motivational and success literature:

1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - the biggest seller of Hill's books, selling over 20 million copies worldwide, and probably the most successful motivational book in history

2. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles - has been cited by the author of the bestselling The Secret as a primary source

3. The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel - developer of the Law of Attraction theory, which has been acknowledged as one of the primary sources for The Secret.

4. Benjamin Franklin's The Way to Wealth - a famous essay written in 1758 for the Poor Richard's Almanac

5. The Art of Public Speaking By Dale Carnegie and Joseph Berg Esenwein's - a magnificent best-seller through all its re-editions. Now more than ever, in the age of slideshows, talkshows and corporate pitches, the lessons of how to make one's presentation captivating and interesting are of uttermost importance.

6. Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell - originated as a speech, one of the most successful in its times, delivered over 6,000 times around the world. It became a short book the success of which financed the creation of Temple University

In the following free updates we'll be adding to this impressive pack other major classics about success, wealth, business and management skills.

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1. Gorgeous typography and design, continuously improved by our designers. Rich content ready, our ebooks are based on HTML, allowing for a great user experience: HTML formatting, images, external links, etc…
2. Beautiful visual screen transition effects. Visual indicators in the table of contents for your current(last opened chapter).
3. TBR2.0 allows publishing of multi-book packs, great for anthologies or custom book collections.
4. Intuitive, simple to use design, extremely ergonomic and user friendly that makes the most of your screen by removing redundant navigation bars. All the tools easily accessible from the bottom toolbar.
5. Bookmark your way around the book, at your leisure. Bookmark management page.
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Self Help Classics - Self Improvement Books Collection