I'll Buy That 1.0

Category: Business
Price: Free (iTunes)


Are you tried of taking a long time in making a buying decision on products or services.?

I’ll Buy That helps you the consumer find the right Business Person to make a buying decision.

I’ll Buy That matchs the consumer with a Business Person(s) through a Word Profile Matching Process.

When you use I’ll Buy That and match with a Business Person(s), the result is very strong that the match will cater to your needs.

There are many Virtual Business Card applications that just exchange Business Cards, but non match your needs to the right Business Person.

I’ll Buy That is unique in that it connects you with business people who have matched to the products and services that you are looking for.

I’ll Buy That works toegether with I Sell That, an application that Sales Professionals use to match consumers like you.

If you frequent many Trade Shows, Conferences, or Social Events, you'll be glad to have I Buy That on your Iphone.

I'll Buy That