The Corsair Lite 1.0

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Price: Free (iTunes)


The Corsair Lite is our highly acclaimed shooting gallery (or rail shooter) game for iPhone.

Travel the high seas and battle against wicked pirates!

If you love classic games like Operation Wolf, Time Crisis, or House of the Dead, then you will love this game!


-Stunning Graphics, Art, and Animation enhance the great visual experience
-Action-packed levels on a Pirate Ship
-Music and Sound Effects add to the ambiance of your swash-buckling adventure
-Variety of enemies to fight and innocents to save
-Challenging Boss Battle
-Handy Stats Screen displays just how good at adventuring you really are
-Immersive Visual Effects, including ambient weather, and giant explosion

The Corsair Lite features beautiful graphics, top notch music and audio, intuitive controls, and of course, Guns, Swords, and Pirates!

Note: This Lite version is time restricted and feature limited to only a few levels. All levels are available in the Full version (Paid App) of The Corsair.

Operation Wolf is a trademark of Taito. Time Crisis is trademark of Namco. House of the Dead is a trademark of Sega. These trademark owners are not associated with PDAmill Game Studios or Nav N Go Kft.
The Corsair Lite