MosaicaLite - 3D Multitouch Panorama Viewer 1.0.0

Category: Photography
Price: Free (iTunes)


MosaicaLite lets you explore 3D panoramas called 'Mosaics'. Mosaics are automatically created by stitching together photos using state-of-the-art computer-vision algorithms.

-Drag with one finger to look around by panning.
-Pinch with two fingers to zoom or rotate. Zooming lets you see high resolution images.
-Double tap to view a photo from its original location. This can let you zoom further in or out.
-Double tap and drag to scan for photos taken from a different viewpoint. A white box shows which photo you're pointing at.

The initial release lets you view sample Mosaics that we created and posted online. New ones will be added on a weekly basis.

The full version of Mosaica will be released as a paid app in April. It will allow you to automatically create Mosaics using your iPhone camera and share them with friends. The Lite version will still function as a free viewer for Mosaics made with the paid app.
MosaicaLite - 3D Multitouch Panorama Viewer