Symptom Checker .MD 1.0

Category: Medical
Price: Free (iTunes)


Symptom Checker .MD differs from all other symptom checker apps because we give you trusted medical search results PLUS match these results to local doctors and specialists that can treat your family’s symptoms or conditions with just One Touch.

We know illnesses and injuries almost always happen at the most inconvenient times – in the morning when you are trying to get to work, on vacation when you are away from the doctors you rely on, or your child away at college calls you with mysterious symptoms and does not know what to do.

YourCity.MD now has the answer – it’s the One-Click Relief Center™ Search Engine!

Don’t wait for that next inconvenient medical emergency; download this valuable free application today, so you are ready!


[Check your Symptoms or Conditions]
All you do is enter in a symptom or disease in the search box and it will display results that give you clinical medical information matched to the local doctors that can treat your symptom or condition. No other search engine can do both with one just One-Click.

[Find the Right Doctor in Your Area]
Need to see a doctor or specialist? – listings of the condition appropriate specialists and primary care physicians are right there with phone numbers, address, and patient recommendations.

[Find Information in a Different City]
Looking for health information and providers in a different city? Just touch the information icon on the lower right-hand corner and you can choose from over 500 YourCity.MD local health information and provider directory sites.

[Schedule an Appointment]
Once you have found the doctor that is right for your symptom, just click on their listing and it will automatically dial right from the application to schedule an appointment, all with One-Click.


When you open the YourCity.MD application, it will place you in a comprehensive city medical directory based on your current location and make it very easy to simultaneously search for the right medical information and specialist or primary care physician to treat you or a loved one.

Symptom Checker .MD