Funny 500 - Riddles Lite 1.0

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Oh no! Funny 500 series is out to wreck your brain!

Honestly, isn’t it time you tried to do something with that melon of yours?

Our team of clearly deranged individuals has carefully chosen 500 prime riddles that will make you giggle, laugh, cry and groan your way to a head-slap. Our collections riddles and jokes are always family rated (i.e. no sex, porn or fat jokes), so it is ok to share a laugh with everyone.

Funny 500 series always allows you to have favorites, mail to a friend and even suggest riddles that we’ll possibly include with updates.

Some are easy, others are extremely tough and many are just plain silly. Whether you can answer them or not, you’ll still smile… a sick deranged smile.
Funny 500 - Riddles Lite