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North Woods Fish Identification Guide

The North Woods Fish Guide is loaded with all the common fish swimming in our streams, lakes and rivers across North America. You will find beautiful graphics of Rainbow Trout, Brook, Brown and Lakers, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Pickerel, Sunnies, Perch and many more. Next time you are camping, canoeing, or hiking and you are unsure about a fish, take out your North Woods Fish Guide and know for certain.

This is the perfect gift for any up and coming fisherman. Fisherman of any age will find a wealth of information with the North Woods Fish Guide. Includes quizzes to help you learn all about the natural world.

North Woods Field Guides

You hiked the trail, set up camp, or dropped your line in a lake to fish. Trees and wildflowers surround you, animal tracks crossed the path you walked. As you look around at nature, you wonder: What's this purple flower? What tree towers above you? What animal passed this very spot?

Perhaps you are accompanying a child whose endless questions about the natural world find you without answers and wishing you knew more. Or, perhaps you enjoy studying nature, but left your bulky field guide at home to make a little more room in your pack when hitting the nature trails of our great outdoors.

On your next nature walk, hiking, camping or fishing trip, on any outdoor excursion, take along your iPhone with the North Woods Field Guide!

North American field guides created with simplicity and nature in mind.

Includes quizzes to help you learn all about the natural world.

The series includes:

North Woods Tracks Guide $.99
North Woods Tree Guide $.99
North Woods Wildflower Guide $.99
North Woods Fish Guide $.99
North Woods Flyfishing Guide $.99
North Woods Animal Scat Guide $.99
North Woods Garden Insect Guide $.99

Get all seven for only $4.99