Tango Lesson 1.0

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Learn the Tango Basic Step with World Champions Nick and Lena Kosovich

The Ballroom Dance Channel wants to introduce you to the world of dance with a FREE dance step.

Your iPhone becomes your partner in this revolutionary new interactive mobile dance lesson from the Ballroom Dance Channel.

Learning the Tango is easy with mobile lessons from the Ballroom Dance Channel.

With your lesson, you’ll receive in-depth instruction on both men’s and women’s Basic footwork for the Tango.

Other Tango dance steps:

• Basic step
• Promenade walks
• Forward rocks
• Corte
• Promenade to open swivel

are available at www.ballroomdancechannel.com

Why Learn to Tango?

Discover the “forbidden dance” that made Buenos Aires famous – the Tango!

Sultry and full of surprises, the tango lets you get close to your partner and try out the dramatic moves you’ve seen on TV, like dips, lines and passionate dance holds.

Before you can dance the tango like a professional, you need to learn the basics. Tango lessons from Ballroom Dance Channel make it easy to understand how to dance the Tango – so you’ll be strutting your stuff in no time.
Tango Lesson