Spin Quest 1.0

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Price: $0.99 (iTunes)


Spin Quest is a very challenging puzzle game.
The goal is simple: Spin hexagons to match the pattern.

Be careful Spin Quest will give you a hard time: Build correct pattern without loosing your mind.

Why are you going to love Spin Quest:
- Very challenging.
- 3 different gameplay: Tap, drag or spin.
- 52 levels. First puzzles are easy, but difficulty increases. You will need to use all your thinking abilities. New levels are coming soon.
- No time pressure, just you and your brain against the puzzle
- Automatic SAVE AND RESTORE feature: Take a call or leave the app. Then retrieve your game where you left off.
- You can LISTEN TO YOUR OWN MUSIC while playing.

Improve your focusing and thinking skills thanks to Spin Quest for iPhone.

Perfect for children or challenging your friends!


Spin Quest