Jelly Splashes 1.0

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Jelly Splashes is board -puzzle game. The challenge you to get all jellies out of board before time out to claim high score. When you start to playing game you will never stop to play again and again to beat your score.

There will be jellies on board when game start. You have to get rid all of them from board in appointed time with some condition.

- One Single color jelly, immediately get rid in one touch.
- Many single color gellies. Gathering them by tilt on jelly and move to other. Jelly size will become bigger and bigger as much as quantity of jelly are fused. You may get rid the jelly and any size of your satisfaction by touch it. Beware not to move and difference jelly color close together.
- Get maximum score by fusion all same color jellies together at once. Caution on difference color bang, otherwise jellies will be spread out to original location.
- The chanllenge of this game is quantity and color of jelly in each stage will be different and more variety. Plan well! high score in appointed time will be yours.
Jelly Splashes