You Know You Are from St. Louis 1.0

Category: Entertainment
Price: $2.99 (iTunes)


Do you know where YOU are from?

Come see what others have to say that make St. Louis and everything about it "different" from the rest of the world! Submit your own and see who agrees with you or doesn't know a thing you are talking about!

How many people can you make ROFL? Come check it out! Share with your friends and family. But don't use it at least not in front of your boss!

Check us out online, we encourage suggestions!

- The game requires an internet connection.
- iPod Touch users need to be connected to WiFi in order to use this software.

We are NOT responsible for any
problems, conditions, side-effects
whether mild or severe caused by
the uncontrollable laughter while
using this software.

Have a ROFL day!
You Know You Are from St. Louis