JotNot Scanner Lite 1.1

Category: Productivity
Price: Free (iTunes)


JotNot Lite packs the power of a scanner into your pocket!

JotNot Lite is a standalone application that allows you to use your iPhone as a document scanner. You can use the full version of JotNot to process your images of whiteboards, receipts, and notes, making them easier to read, print, and share with others.

== All the processing occurs on your iPhone itself, so sensitive or confidential information never leaves your control. ==

Here is what the press has to say about the full version of JotNot:

"The application works perfectly for casually taking photographs of your documents to ensure that you don’t lose them, and is one that I’ll probably wind up using pretty frequently." --TechCrunch

"I am amazed at how readable the processed images are." --MacWorld UK / The Industry Standard

Trying out JotNot Lite is easy. Just follow these four simple steps:

1) Take a picture of a receipt, whiteboard, document, or note; alternatively you can import one from your photo library.

2) Drag the corners of the blue rectangle aligning them with the corners of your document; the blue area will be selected.
(HINT: you can touch anywhere on the screen to drag the nearest corner which will be highlighted red!)

3) Click "Process" to enhance the image.

4) You will be shown a preview of the enhanced image.

You are done!

Release v1.1 adds the following features:
* Black and white mode
* Contrast control
* Faster processing
* Timestamp option
* Disable enhancement option
* Improved UI (new selector and scroll-view)
* Reduced memory footprint

Release v1.0 supports the following features:
* Standalone processing on the iPhone
* Automatically adjusts image color
* Corrects perspective keystoning
* Processes existing photos or takes new ones

We are actively developing JotNot and look forward to frequent updates. We update our blog regularly; head there for tips and hints! We welcome your feedback and suggestions--we build our roadmap from what you ask for. Our blog has a poll where you can enter your feature requests:

If you like JotNot Lite, please consider buying the full version.
JotNot Scanner Lite