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Sai Baba’s 261 Leela Leelas: A treasure house of miracles
by Balkrishna Panday

Balkrishna Panday's Sai Baba's 261 Leelas is a handy cornpendium ar, as he calls it, an aide - memoire of 261 mircades of Shirdi Sai Baba, intended for the devotees. Culled from a number sources, he has obtained stories from the often hard to find books like Narasimha Swami's biography of Sri Baba and decides old copies of the the Sai Leela journal. The author does not try and interprct the miracles but lcts the reader realise the universal message for himself. In today's busy world this work offers a sbort-cut for daily devotion offering the readera quick manual to peruse ponder of medicate upon Sai Baba's mimculous leelas while waiting for a bus or to fill any spare moment.
-Dr. Marianne Warren

Author of Unravelling the Enigma Shiesu Sai Baba in the Light Sufism.

This books puts together the authentic and pithy mirades of Sai. All that was verifiable within the first twenty years of the 20th century, directly related to the Saint's life, has been arranged under scintillating and yet it all did them. The readers cannot but be deeply moved by the sentiments of devotion projected by Balkrishna Panday in his writing titled Sai Baba's 261 Leelas.

Balkrishna Panday, born at Kanpur in Up in 1932, did his schooling at Lahore in pre partition Punjab. He graduated in science from Punjab University and did his Masters in Sociology from Christ Church. Kanpur (1954) and qualified for MBA from Delhi University in the early 1960. As a Senior Manager with renowned industrial houses, he travelled widely in India and abroad. Inspired by the blessings, of Guru ji, Shri CB Satpathy, a revered beacon of Sai devotion, he is busy compiling contemporary views on the panorama of spirituality and essays on Management Ethics, on which books are epercted in the near future.

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Sai Baba’s 261 Leela Leelas: A treasure house of miracles