Magic Doodle LITE 1.0

Category: Entertainment
Price: Free (iTunes)


This funny application lets you draw some doodles the old fashioned way : two knobs to stroke lines and shake your device to erase all !

Magic Doodle is focused on only one thing, BUT it does it well .... lets you draw nice sketches !!! :
- Draw back and forth on the same stroke to gradually darken it.
- Move the two knobs at the same time to draw curves.
- Listen to the stylus sliding under the screen.
- Gently topple your screen and listen to the magic drawing powder rolling from one side to another.
- Shake the screen and see your drawing smoothly fading out. The more you shake, the more you erase !

This is the LITE edition. The full edition offers very cool features:
- Undo/Redo the strokes you have just drawn (multiple undo/redo). Double tap on the left knob to undo, double tap on the right knob to redo !
- Use the Magnet Mode to prevent from erasing the screen if you shake it inopportunely.
- Store multiple drawings. You can go back to an old drawing and resume it at the latest stylus position.
- Export your drawings into the Photo Library.

And to convince you about Magic Doodle's Power, check the "Eiffel Tower" screenshot (it was made in about 15 minutes).

Magic Doodle LITE