Cooking Quest Lite 1.0

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**Here's a little taste of Cooking Quest from Big Fish Games!**

* Search two scenes for hidden ingredients to create mouth-watering masterpieces!

* Get a taste of Foodville's annual Chef's Challenge.

* Like it? Upgrade to the full version!

* Just for trying it, get two Mac or PC titles from for free! (Download the Lite version for more details)

**Description for the full version**
You've been awarded a coveted entry to Foodville's annual Chef's Challenge! Grease your cast-iron skillets as you gather ingredients to smoke ze competition away! Find hidden objects, manage your cash flow, and wow ze judges with multi-course masterpieces in Foodville's most elite restaurants. Can you stand ze heat? Start at Chop City Steakhouse on Restaurant Row and find out in Cooking Quest!

**Find hidden objects to earn/save cash
**Use your cash to buy only ze finest ingredients
**Prepare your meal to wow the judges!

Optimized for the iPhone with the pinch-to-zoom feature and double-tap to zoom out/zoom in.

Casual games have been around for many years. Some say it started with the launch of Solitaire on Windows 95. However, in the past 10 years, with the successes of digitally distributed casual games, there have been three major occurrences that changed the industry. The first wave started with Bejeweled and Zuma. As a result nearly every game launched was a match 3 game for several years. A few years later Betty’s Bear Bar launched, followed by Diner Dash. These time management games started a new craze in casual games.

In November of 2005, Big Fish Games developed and released Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, and the market experienced its most recent shift. The success of the Mystery Case Files series inspired Hidden Expedition, Hidden Mysteries, and many other great hidden-object games. Other games in this series are available for Mac and PC at

Cooking Quest Lite