Anti-Pirate Scanner 2009 1.0

Category: Entertainment
Price: Free (iTunes)


Has this ever happened to you. Your out enjoying the ocean when all of a sudden PIRATES!! they completely can ruin your day.

Well not anymore with Anti-Pirate Scanner 2009 you can repeal those pesky pirates right back from whence they came. Bring back the fun and enjoyment of a night out on the high seas.

With the simple interface of the Anti-Pirate Scanner 2009 even a child could repeal a large boat full of pirates. Not tech savvy NO PROBLEM! the Anti-Pirate one click interface will make you a pirate's worst nightmare. Just simply click on your location on the map and presto the Anti-Pirate Scanner will actively repeal the pirates from your location. If things have gotten more serious and you are face to face with a group of angry pirates just press the Emergency button and it will take action immediately to remedy your situation.
Anti-Pirate Scanner 2009