100 Points(升级、打百分) 1.0

Category: Entertainment
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In China, this game is called Bai Fen(100 points), which is the total number of card points in the pack. There are several alternative names. It is sometimes called Sheng Ji, which means "raise level" or "promote". In Shanghai the game is called Si shi Fen, which means "40 points", 40 being the target score for the opponents. In Chengdu in Sichuan province it is called Shuan Er, meaning "throw two", which is what you do during the first deal.

It is a trick taking game for four players in fixed partnerships, with considerable depth and scope for skill. As far as I know, it is popular over a wide area of China. There is also double deck version Tuolaji (Tractor).
100 Points(升级、打百分)