Good vs Evil 1.0

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Price: $3.99 (iTunes)


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The game pits Good against Evil in a unique battle filled with strategy and action. Good vs Evil is a mix of chess and real time battles. Attacking an enemy transports you to a death match in the dungeon where each character has specific attack attributes and weapons. For example, the Warrior shoots swords and has a slow attack speed whereas the Warlock shoots a laser which causes maximum damage. The winner of the battle conquers the space on the board.

Each battle places you in a unique dungeon with magic power ups. No two battles are ever the same.

Good vs Evil features an extensive single player game with two different modes and three different difficulty settings. Each of the six types of play has a global high scores leader board.

Perhaps the greatest feature of the game is its 2 player mode. Play Good vs Evil against a friend anywhere on a single iPhone or iPod.

“The most exciting 2 player experience in the app store”

• Single player & Two player on a single device
•16 characters with unique weapons and abilities
•Unique mix of strategy and action
•Level up system for each character
•5 different types of Magic to use in the battles
•Intuitive touch screen controls
•Vibrant graphics
•Realistic battle sound effects
•Play as both Good and Evil
•Two game modes
•Three difficulty levels
•Global high scores leader board

Good vs Evil