NLog Free Synth 1.2

Category: Music
Price: Free (iTunes)


NLog Free Performance Synthesizer

BEST SYNTH SOUNDS on iPhone based on NLog Sound Engine!

32 factory sounds plus 7 bonus sounds with rich and fat sounds features like chorus, distortion, complex waveforms, sample & hold...

Sound playback using NLog Sound Engine.

Editing by 4 selectable performance parameter.


Substractive sound algorithm with classic analog waveforms.

Professional 44.1 kHz Stereo CD quality with internal high performance realtime floating point engine.

Real POLYPHONIC synth.

Play impressive synthesizer sounds where ever you are!

Sound generator features:

- 2 Oscilators with classic sine, square, sawtooth and triangle waveforms as well as 5 additional complex artificial waveforms
- True pulsewidth modulation, frequency modulation and ring modulation
- Noise generator
- Filter with cutoff and resonance control
- 3 Envelope generators
- 2 LFOs each including delay and sample & hold
- Rich set of modulation parameter
- Stereo delay with cross-feed
- chorus
- distortion

32 factory sounds plus 7 bonus sounds

- sliding octave control
- dynamic velocity from vertical position
- optional after touch modulation

ATTENTION: Sound editing features cover professional range of sound parameters. Keep care of resonance, feedback, ultra low and high frequencies when working with headphones or strong amplification.

NLog Free Synth