Angel on My Shoulder 1.0

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99 (iTunes)


We all have little angels whispering in our ear, and now there's one on your iPhone. Record what you want your little angel to say, and this app pops up an angel that speaks what you said in a comical high-pitched version of your voice. You can get it to offer commentary, tell jokes, or maybe just speak your mind. It's a fun app that can keep kids busy for hours!

* Record your voice by speaking into the phone as though you're making a call. (iPhone Touch users will need to plug in a headset with a microphone.)
* The app can store one lengthy recording, so don't hold back.

We'll keep an eye on the reviews, so let us know if you have suggestions for new features. If you're looking to give voice to your inner demon as well, you may want to check out our Shoulder Angels app which exposes both your good and bad sides...
Angel on My Shoulder