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Lion's Play game is based on "Puli Judham"(Gamble of Tigers) Telugu region (Andhrapradesh) game, or "Adu Puli" (Tamilnadu) game, and with different names in other parts of India. Originally this game is between Tigers and goats. For this Lions Play game to attract global presence I have adopted Lions and Buffaloes are models for this game;

This game is famous in rural part of India where farmers play this game in the evening after returning from fields work. When I was a kid, I use to watch over my Father's Shoulder while he was playing with other farmers. He taught me how to play this game. I have spent last couple of months of time to bring out one of the hidden treasure of rural Indian game to the world. I have put in my sincere effort to share this game which my father taught me to the gaming world. It is the first ever attempt to document this game. I hope you enjoy the game.

It is strategy game, in Classic "Puli Judham" game, which has triangular formation with two crossed rectangles, In order to Lions to win the game They have to gobble up all buffaloes or restrict movement of Buffaloes. On the other hand, if Buffalo's needs to win, they have to restrict Lions movement. In addition to Classic version I have created 18 levels based different geometric shapes, which are available in Lion's Play. In which maintained Ratio between Buffaloes and Lions is around 3 to 5;

Here are features of the Lions Play Lite
* 4 games and no locking of levels. One can play any game at any time
- Star
- Hexagram
- Heptagram
- Recta Triangle

* 4 types of Game Play
- Computer (Lion) Vs Human (Buffalo)
- Human (Lion) Vs Computer (Buffalo)
- Human (Lion) Vs Human (Buffalo)
- Computer (Lion) Vs Computer (Buffalo)

* Three levels of difficulty
- Junior (It is only available for first 5 games)
- Senior
- Expert
* Music
- default is OFF and need to set music on to listen to it

If you have questions, comments, bug reports and for support email me at ooftish*

Thanks for looking

- Ravindra Reddy Singareddy
Singareddy Information Technologies, Inc.

Lion's Play Lite