iBabySee Ruby 1.0

Category: Lifestyle
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Soothe a fussy baby, and help to develop your little one's eyesight with the iBabySee Ruby Application.

When babies first start to see the world around them, their eyes and brains have to learn to resolve and interpret what is in front of them. Some studies suggest that in the first few weeks of seeing, babies are best at resolving high-contrast, relatively simple images. This phase of vision development is a stepping stone to the full development of visual abilities.

We developed iBabySee Ruby to give babies at this early stage of development a way to exercise their vision and be entertained at the same time. iBabySee Ruby presents a seris of high-contrast, simple and pleasing images that have been carefully selected by the parents who own iBabyMobile.

While using iBabySee Ruby, soothing classical music plays, as one image follows another with gentle transitions. The timings and types of transitions can be set by the parent, along with the volume of the music, including muting it entirely.

This is the second iBabySee application--be sure to see the original iBabySee application, which is also available in the iTunes App Store.
iBabySee Ruby