iGalaxyLord 1.0

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Price: $1.99 (iTunes)


"Maybe you need to manage your Galactic Empire... there's an app for that!"
iGalaxyLord is a turn-based strategy game where the player is tasked with taking over the known galaxy. With multiple
upgrade paths, unique technologies to research and smart AI that does not cheat, iGalaxyLord will suck up hours of time!
iGalaxyLord is a simple to learn 4X game (a "mini-moo" if you like) and the first one designed from the ground up for iPhone.
You start with one planet and one ship, and need to build up your empire the way you choose.
Focus on high-tech research, or small fast ships, or large heavily armored armadas: the choice is yours.
Fast, turn-based gameplay, with many options for the player. Each round you can research new technologies, send ships to take over enemy plants
explore the galaxy, upgrade your planets, and build new ships. The game also features always-auto-save: this allows you to jump in, make a few changes to
your empire, then jump right out. With multiple gameplay modes and difficulty, games can take anywhere from an hour, to several days!!!

We plan to release updates regularly and there are many more features going into version 1 over the next few weeks. As long as people continue to
support iGalaxyLord, we will continue to update and improve it based on user feedback.

The current plan is:

V1.x: (over the next few weeks)
more updates for bug fixes and AI tweaks.
Balance fixes.
Multiple ship types.
More graphics.
More Race info and pics.
More branches to Tech-tree.
High Scores.

V2: (Late July)
Move to 3d graphics.
More back-story.
More Race-Info.
More animations and effects.
Trade with other AI's.
Non-Military wins.
Better AI.
Online high-score table.

V3: (Late August)
Multiplayer (Maybe).
More AI.
More 3D.
Larger Tech-Tree.
Custom ships.
Multiple pre-set maps.

Programming and Design - Bill Petro
Art - Gary Brunetti
Love and Support - My beautiful wife Janea