I Sea Fish 1.0

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99 (iTunes)


I Sea Fish is a bright and cheerful semi-realistic simulation of a small area of coral reef, featuring a variety of sea creatures who swim, float, paddle and pulse past the viewer. Ocean sounds such as breaking waves enhance the experience.

Users can interact with the environment. Pop (large) bubbles, or watch creatures respond in different ways if they are touched - some speed up, others will float off the screen or change colour, etc.

What is it for?

From ancient times to modern, people have enjoyed watching fish, whether it be goldfish in a garden pool or tropical varieties in a heated aquarium. I Sea Fish is based on this idea, the simple pleasure of watching fish and other sea creatures in constant, varied motion. Think of I Sea Fish as an interactive moving picture, a virtual environment to give you a few moments peace and relaxation wherever you are and whenever you want.
I Sea Fish