Big Fish Little Fish 1.0

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This is an adventure story of four little fishes' lives in the four largest ocean. This game will guide you to a magnificent and mystical Underwater World. In the ocean which always seems calm on the surface, there are many crisises hiding in it as the same as the human world.The citizens of water not only have to find food for living but also have to learn how to protect themselves to aviod being eaten by others because of the jungle law never be changed for thousands of year.You must muster up your courage to eat the little fishes in order to grow up as possible as you can.Because you are nothing but just a little fish in this world.

Rules:The big fishes can eat little fishes then achieve the corresponding marks, only by accomplishing enough marks can you pass the level.

1.Displaying the diversity of lovely fishes and the attraction of ocean world.
2.There are tips for playing and knowledge of ocean,fishes in each level.
3. The game not only arranges you a accessible way of getting more information of marine organisms, but also helps you to grasp the ability of living.
4. Two kinds of control mode in/of the game allows you to move easily.

Big Fish Little Fish