HenPecked 1.0.1

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99 (iTunes)


HenPecked - For the man who knows his place...

At last, a much-needed dose of dry British humour comes to the App Store!

Does the lady in your life like to give you a list of things to do? Has she been waiting for weeks for those shelves to be put up, or for you to tidy the computer area? Is she reading this over your shoulder now? Are you going to need to ask permission to spend the $0.99 / 59p on buying this very app?

If so, you need HenPecked!

Store an unlimited number of tasks and categorise them as anything from "Critical" (don't even THINK about not doing them...) to "Minor" (I SUPPOSE these can take a bit longer...). You even have a "Personal" category to log things you'd like to do for yourself, but don't bank on putting too many items under this!


- Store and easily display tasks categorised as Critical, Normal, Minor and Personal
- Built-in searchable history which stores when tasks were completed
- Check at a glance how many tasks are still incomplete or recently completed
- Change task priority by simple drag and drop
- When no-one's looking, reverse the priorities with one click, putting your own personal tasks at the top!!


The following will be arriving shortly (v1.1):
- A web interface that your "nearest and dearest" can use to view, update and manage your task list for you from afar!!
- Notifications
- Ability to add photos to tasks