Amy's Burger Shop 1.0

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Being a burger shop owner is never easy. From cooking burgers, making fries and ice cream, Amy does everything all by herself – and yet she really enjoys and insists on doing so as she strongly believes in providing the best quality food to her customers. With this in mind, she knows customers will keep coming back, and might even tip her extra for recognizing her hard work in providing them with such tasty foods! She will now start growing her business and her dream of having her own burger kingdom will soon come true!

Amy's Burger Shop is a fun and interesting time management game, where player will play as shop owner, Amy, and efficiently serve more than 20 different kinds fast foods. In order to satisfy each customer's different needs, the player has to response fast enough to manage different orders.


- fast response time management game with strategic game play
- two modes of Story and Challenge
- more than 20 different kinds of fast foods
- easy and player friendly interface
- brilliant graphics and interesting sound effects

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Amy's Burger Shop