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Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing
Book One of The Enlightenment Trilogy

From a spiritual master unlike any,
a spiritual masterpiece like no other.

Author, teacher and spiritual master Jed McKenna tells it like it's never been told before. A true American original, Jed succeeds where countless others have failed by reducing this highest of attainments - Spiritual Enlightenment - to the simplest of terms.

Effectively demystifying the mystical, Jed astonishes the reader not by adding to the world's collected spiritual wisdom, but by taking the spirituality out of spiritual enlightenment. Never before has this elusive topic been treated in so engaging and accessible a manner.

A masterpiece of illuminative writing, Spiritual Enlightenment is mandatory reading for anyone following a spiritual path. Part exposé and part how-to manual, this is the first book to explain why failure seems to be the rule in the search for enlightenment -- and how the rule can be broken.

BONUS CONTENT: This eBook version of Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing contains bonus chapters.

“Jed McKenna is an American original.” -Lama Surya Das

“Absolutely marvelous, splendid, perfect book!” -Shri Acharya

“Thank you for the books. I’ve been waiting all my life for them!” -C. VanKeith

“Jed McKenna’s books are so compelling I can hardly put them down!” Ray Napolitano, Inner Directions Foundation

“Jed’s books have turned my entire understanding of life, enlightenment, spirituality and everything upside down. I want more!” -Meghna Bhagat

“I can think of no other author I'd recommend more highly.” -Michael R. Fleming

“If you are ready, step into Jed’s world. It is intelligent and powerful.” -Jerry Katz: Nonduality Salon

“These three books are precious gifts to Humanity.” -Evert de Vries

Jed McKenna 1 - Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing