Spank Me! Music Controller 1.0

Category: Music
Price: $0.99 (iTunes)


Spank Me! is the cool new way to change the music on your iPhone/iPod touch! It uses the accelerometer to detect "spanks" and translates them into play, pause, and skip commands for your listening pleasure.

This app was designed to help you avoid the hassle and potential safety issue of getting your iPhone/iPod out of your pocket and unlocking it to control your music (unless, of course, you are using the iPhone headphones with the button).

How to use
1. Choose the songs that you want to play.

2. Spank once to pause (stop) or play.
Spank twice to skip to the next song.
Spank three times to go back a song.

3. Do NOT use the lock button on the top of the device. This will turn off the accelerometer.

Spank the device deliberately and consistently to get it to do what you want. Check out the video in the app to see the spank timing. If you spank too fast they won't register. If you spank too slow it will be registered as a play/pause command. It is easy to learn the right speed. Within a couple of minutes you will have the right rhythm.

Unfortunately this app doesn't work correctly while walking, running, or during other bumpy activities. It is hard to separate steps from spanks.
Spank Me! Music Controller