Merdeka atau Mati 1.0

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Available Now! The very popular Indonesian 1945 war game!

When World War II broke out, the Japanese occupied the Dutch East Indies after the surrender of the Dutch colonial army in March 1942. Three years later, on August 14, 1945, the Japanese surrendered to the Allied Forces.

To Indonesia's leaders, the power vacuum in Jakarta looked like an open window of opportunity to proclaim their independence. On 17 August 1945, Indonesian national leaders Ir. Soekarno and Dr. Mohamad Hatta proclaimed Indonesia's independence on behalf of the Indonesian people.

You will play this game as an independence soldier in the 1945 struggle for freedom! Your choice was only one, freedom or death (merdeka atau mati). Good luck! and Merdeka!

- Varied game environments (forest, underground, and many more).
- Varied changeable weapons: Pistol, machine gun and bazooka.
- Visual effects, explosions, corpses, blood, medic packs, water fall and tanks!
- Challenging enemy's AI.
- Addictive Levels.
- Auto saving of completed levels.
- War sound effects.
- Music ( Based on Indonesian national songs: Maju Tak Gentar and Indonesia Raya ).

Merdeka atau Mati