NightCam Live 1.0

Category: Photography
Price: $0.99 -> Free (iTunes)


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Unlike other apps that apply a flash effect after you took your picture, NightCam Live allows you to compensate the exposure up to +3eV using a different technique. Even better, it allows you to see the result before you hit the shutter! An unique features on the App Store!!!

- Up to +3eV exposure compensation
- Full screen live preview of the result
- Self-timer function
- Long shutter function
- 1024x768 and 512x384 picture resolutions
- More features to come in next versions

PLEASE NOTE: The techniques used require slightly longer exposure times which could blur the picture if the device is not held steady. Also, under certain conditions, higher level of noise could be present at higher exposure compensation values (snapshot below is a good example). Enabling the 'Long shutter' function in those situations should help.

Feb 21th - A user reported a crash after pressing the mode button. The problem have been identified, corrected and a new release have been submitted to Apple. Meanwhile, you can reboot your iPhone to temporary solve the problem.
NightCam Live