Particle Toy 1.1

Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99 -> Free (iTunes)


Particle Toy is a particle system special FX toy and a companion App to Firepower. Play with the colors, speeds, sizes, gravity, wind, and direction of a particle system right on your iPhone or iPod touch!

If you have the Firepower app, you can export your FX right out of the Particle Toy settings menu into the Firepower app right and blast away!

Tap the bottom of the screen to access the controls menu. Turn on tilt control and real-gravity to move the particle set around the screen or affect gravity by the tilting and orientation of your device.

Whatever FX you've created will be automatically saved upon exit. Resume where you left off at any time, or start again from scratch by shaking the device.

What's New

- added external launch of Firepower and transfer of current Particle Effect into Firepower App
- Fixed minor color mixup bug for end color and end color variant
Particle Toy