Song Pong 1.0

Category: Games
Price: $2.99 -> Free (iTunes)


An unique musical generator for amateurs to professionals.
FREE for a limited time.

Its a game, its a musical instrument and most of all, its great fun.

The basic concept of this musical tool is to configure various notes to be played on the sides of the iPhone/iPod touch screen walls and as the ball bounces along those sections, the tones are played back. Simple and straight forward, but can create a plethora of musical possibilities.

You can generate and compose repetitive beats for your musical composition or create a whole melody by playing it with other creations in sync with multiple players.


? 5 instruments viz. Drums, Guitar, Flute, Grand Piano and Sax.
? 96 notes from octaves C-0 to C-7 for all the instruments.
? Elegant and streamlined interface
? Easy to use and understand.

Song Pong