Business Card Scanner (OCR) 1.0

Category: Business
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


Business card scanner
“Hard to believe how convenient this app is!”

Never again will you need to manually enter every business card’s information again!
Tired of having a stack of business cards collecting dust and impossible to find the right one when you need it? Imagine after a trade show of corporate gathering having to enter all the information you get manually for each card you collect… That sounds like a job by itself!

Finally there is a way of simply taking a picture of a business card and having your iPhone collect all the information and store it in your contacts. As easy as that!
To store the information on a business card, just take a picture of it. The software automatically scans the information. Finally just choose the fields for every information entered; name, address, phone, e-mail…And save! You have the choice to export it to your contacts or save it in our easy to use address book. As easy as that!

Business Card Scanner (OCR)