Huesic Colour Music Player 2.0

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Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 2.0 (iTunes)


Free for a limited time only!!

Ever wanted to try out a completely different approach to music organisation? Try this app, it will change the way you organise and play back music forever!


Huesic makes it possible to organise your music by tagging tracks with a colour you feel is appropriate for the song. Playing a group of songs is as simple as choosing a colour on your personalised colour map!


Here's how colour tagging applies to some of our users:

"For my morning shower the green stuff makes me more awake" - Anthony
"Orange and yellow music make my rainy days sunny" - Heidi
"Black and red music would categorise my angry music, for those times when I need to let out some steam" - Anonymous
"I tag all my soothing music using warm colours like brown for bedside reading" - Carolyn


This app is based on my university dissertation. If you want to learn more about the theory of colour/music synesthesia and the results of my research please check out the documents here:

Have any suggestions? Please leave some feedback :) I'll keep updating the app with more features.

What's New

- Remade for iPad - Huesic is even more beautiful now on the large screen! No need to buy the app again

Huesic Colour Music Player