Fly Away 1.1

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Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


This game is dangerous! Once installed on your iPhone
you will forget everything else. You must be careful! This is not
a game for everyone, only someone are able and capable of driving (Mr. Fly) as far as possible,
where almost nobody can get there, where
Stranger things happen, where ... not all is known.

Also, if you like challenge with your friends or not, you are in danger!
We have received reports of people who are
refugees in isolation in Bora Bora to beat the record made
colleague braggart. Once achieved a score, the
difficult is keep it in three different classifications,
local, world and your friends on facebook.

Game Controls:

The game controls are as easy as difficult to understand the
first time, you just think that one finger can be
enough, the system is simple, if hold the tap not the screen the plane will bring up, if you leave, the plane
will bring down, easiest way ...?!
The screen is divided into two zones, one to control the plane, the other
to aim and shoot in the direction of where the finger tapped,
you just have to try! only with practice you will understand how it is fun and easy to use!

pay attention to the mines!

What's New

- added some patterns

Fly Away